Advantages of Factory-Built Power Whips

Advantages of factory-built power whips are significant for data center operators. Since power whips are a vital component in distributing power to data center servers, it’s important to ensure they are reliable and cost-effective. Historically, power whips were built onsite by contractors, which can be time-consuming, inefficient, and costly. 

Fortunately, factory-built power whips are now available as a less expensive and higher-quality alternative to building power cables onsite. Understanding the differences between factory-built versus site-built power cables can help you make the best choice.

The Importance of Power Whips 

Power whips distribute electricity to computer servers in cabinets across the data center. Because power whips vary in length and power load, they are custom-made to the required specifications.  Thus, making power whips is a vital but potentially expensive part of operating a data center. 

Factory-built power whips offer significant advantages over site-built power cables. They are less expensive, take less time to assemble, and provide higher-quality assemblies built by contractors. 

Reduce the Cost of Power Whips

Using factory-built power whips is one way to cut costs in your data center without sacrificing the quality and safety of operations. If you purchase power whips from an original equipment manufacturer, you can reduce the cost of ownership by 30-40%. In addition, you can increase vendor diversity and save money by eliminating intermediaries who inflate expenses. 

Save Time on Assembling and Installing Power Whips

Saving time is often equally as important as reducing costs, and purchasing factory-built power whips can accelerate the process from beginning to end. With customer support available to process quotes, purchase orders, and tracking requests, you can receive a quote in 24 hours or less and reduce order turnaround time to less than 48 hours. 

In addition, an assembly line shortens production time, getting the product into your hands as quickly as possible. Factory-built power whips contrast significantly to having power whips constructed on-site, which can be delayed by many factors, including unavailable or insufficient workers, poor planning, and missing materials. 

Improve the Quality of Your Power Whips

Data centers store and process critical information for businesses, and downtime can be financially devastating. It’s therefore essential to use high-quality products like factory-built power whips. They have custom labeling, protected with clear heat shrink, to simplify and accelerate installation processes. In addition, the components are from name-brand companies that build in the United States. Most importantly, all components are UL listed, meaning they have undergone rigorous testing. When you purchase factory-built rather than on-site whips, the concern about finding high-quality materials is taken out of your hands, ensuring you get the best possible product for your money.

Standardize Your Power Whips

Businesses, particularly those with multiple sites, sometimes work with various contractors to build and install power whips. As a result, there is little to no standardization of components or labeling. 

When you purchase factory-built power whips, they will be standardized in terms of: 

  • Components
  • Colors
  • Receptacles
  • Labels
  • Testing

Standardization ensures you build power whips with equivalent specifications across all your data centers. It also simplifies maintenance or repairs in the future. 

Improve the Quality Assurance of Power Whips

Factory-built power whips and power circuits undergo quality assurance tests, including: 

  • HIPOT testing to ensure no arcing or shorting of any conductor within the cable
  • Load bank testing to mimic the maximum load in your data center 
  • Camera detection to ensure proper wire gauge and phasing 

These and other quality control and testing measures can alleviate stress about the product’s dependability. 

Factory-Built Power Whips are More Convenient

Using factory-built rather than site-built power whips is also far more convenient. You will save time by having access to: 

  • A one-stop shop for the power whips and circuit breakers needed at all of your sites
  • Site-specific customizations, which are kept on file for future orders
  • Order templates for a faster turnaround on quotes and large orders 
  • Centralized customer support through all phases, including program development, implementation, and any ongoing needs

Ultimately, purchasing factory-built power whips is far more accessible and streamlined with consistent pricing than on-site production. In other words, factory-built whips help your business save time and money. 

Power whips will continue playing a central role in the efficient and reliable operation of data centers. Working with a custom cable builder that assembles in a controlled factory environment helps create a reliable, efficient, and safe data center that best serves your organization’s needs. In addition, purchasing factory-built power whips is an excellent option to reduce costs and the amount of time it takes to assemble, order, and install power whips. 

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