Airflow Management Solutions

ProSource offers a comprehensive list of airflow management products to improve and protect your data center. Our solutions maximize cooling capacity and provide an optimal environment for servers.

Data center airflow

Manage & improve your airflow

Servers require a sufficient amount of cooling to function correctly. Although most data centers provide more than enough cooling, it often bypasses servers. Managing data center airflow will maximize existing cooling capacity and avoid heat-related issues.

Key Benefits

  • Reduces wasted cooling and heat-related problems
  • Improves efficiency of the existing cooling system
  • Avoids the cost of adding new cooling capacity

FAQs about airflow management

Why should I manage airflow in my data center?

Managing airflow in your data center improves equipment reliability, increases cooling efficiency, and protects against downtime. Plus, airflow management products are cost-effective and reduce operating costs.

What is bypass airflow, and why it should be eliminated?

Bypass airflow is any conditioned air that does not pass through servers before returning to a cooling unit. So, it’s essential to reduce wasted airflow to make your cooling system more efficient.

What steps should I take to begin improving airflow?

Start by sealing all floor and rack openings, and direct airflow at server cabinets with directional airflow panels. Next, use dampers and sensors to control cooling. Finally, contain airflow with either aisle or cabinet containment.

Airflow management products

Our airflow management products provide a cost-effective way to optimize your existing cooling system. Follow these simple steps to maximize your current data center cooling.

EkkoSense Thermal Monitoring & Optimization

Our thermal monitoring offers real-time monitoring and optimization. EkkoSense uses low cost-wireless sensors and intuitive 3D visualizations to remove thermal risks, reduce energy costs, and increase stranded cooling capacity.

airflow management

Key Benefits

  • Reduce thermal risks
  • Increase cooling capacity
  • Reduces energy costs

Floor Grommets & Blanking Panels

Stop wasting cooling by sealing floor cutouts and spaces in server cabinets with grommets and blanking panels. Floor grommets and blanking panels help reduce bypass airflow, increase capacity, and lower energy consumption. We offer an entire range of grommets from the raised floor to rack to aisle level.

airflow management

Key Benefits

  • Reduces bypass airflow
  • Increases cooling efficiency
  • Reduces operating costs

Directional Airflow Panels & Grates

Increase the amount of cooling captured by servers by pointing airflow toward cabinets with directional panels. We offer directional and standard airflow panels to meet your cooling needs. Our cost-effective and energy-efficient airflow panels offer compelling returns on investment and lower operating costs.

airflow management

Key Benefits

  • Improves capture rates
  • Improves energy efficiency
  • Reduces bypass airflow

Dampers & Controls

Adjust airflow to match server loads with dampers and controls to optimize energy efficiency. Delivering the right amount of airflow to the right place is a key component of an energy-efficient data center. Automatic and manual dampers adjust cooling to match variable heat loads. Dampers significantly reduce bypass air and improve PUE.

airflow management

Key Benefits

  • Adjusts airflow to match demand
  • Improves cooling efficiency
  • Reduces operating costs

Aisle & Cabinet Containment

Eliminate bypass airflow by physically separating supply and exhaust airflow in server aisles. We offer cold aisle and hot aisle containment, as well as fully-contained cabinets. Aisle containment designs can be easily installed and modified on site. Plus, we provide consulting, design, and installation to meet your cooling needs.

airflow management

Key Benefits

  • Eliminates bypass airflow
  • Maximizes cooling efficiency
  • Reduces energy costs

Industry-leading brands & solutions

ProSource is a value-added reseller and distributor for leading airflow management products in the industry. We represent Tate, Polargy, Upsite, and other top brands. Plus, we provide technical assistance and competitive rates.

Airflow Management

Key Benefits

  • Proven to improve airflow
  • Consulting and design available
  • Factory installation available 

Technical assistance & installation

We offer technical assistance with factory-trained reps that help determine the right solution for your data center. In addition, we can assist with custom design and installation services for small and large projects.

ProSource data center solutions

Key Benefits

  • Factory-trained technical assistance
  • Consulting and design services available
  • Factory installation available

The right choice for airflow management

We help manage data center airflow with innovative products that eliminate wasted cooling and maximize existing capacity. ProSource provides experience and can assist in developing a program that’s right for your facility.

Airflow management

Key Benefits

  • A complete line of airflow management products
  • Industry-leading brands and solutions
  • Consulting, design, and installation available

Improve and protect your data center

with our proven airflow management solutions