Airflow Containment

Airflow Containment

Containing an entire row of air can improve capacity and energy efficiency by reducing by-pass airflow.The separation of cold supply air from hot exhaust air is one of the most popular strategies in data center design. We offer both Polargy’s PolarPlex and Tate’s ContainAire product lines for containment. Easy to install and modify, our products offer valuable energy saving opportunities. Optimize your data center facility today with containment.

Key Performance Characteristics

ContainAire Dual Sliding Doors - Airflow Containment

Dual Sliding Doors

Pre-assembled for Easy Installation

Tate’s ContainAire Dual Sliding Doors are the ideal solution for both cold and hot aisle containment. Combining cost-effectiveness with ease of installation, the no threshold design eliminates tripping hazards. Frame components are pre-assembled and connect to the header rail to secure the assembly together. Integrated slide-locks simplify door installation onto the frame.

A factory installed full perimeter compression gaskets seals the door frame and minimizes air leakage. Ergonomic angled handles reduce pinch points. Clear and multiwall panel options are available. The multiwall panel adheres to NFPA 75 & 76 flame spread and smoke development requirements. With two finish options to choose from, these dual sliding doors complement all data center designs


ContainAire Dual Sliding Doors
ContainAire Dual Sliding Doors Auto Close
ContainAire Single Sliding Doors - Airflow Containment

Single Sliding Door

No threshold design

With two sliding options available: left and right, our single sliding door is recommended for use in hot and cold aisle containment. This design choice helps facilitate data centers where obstructions may prevent the door from opening smoothly. The sliding door comes with pre-assembled panels and integrated door slide-locks which simplifies installation.

Factory installed full perimeter compression gaskets efficiently seal and minimize air leakage, improving the efficiency of your data center facility. With strong aluminum framing, our no-threshold design prevents obstructions or tripping. Ergonomic handles also reduce pinch points. Two panel options are offered, with the multiwall option adhering to NFPA 75 & 76 flame spread and smoke development requirements.


ContainAire Single Sliding Door
ContainAire Single Sliding Door Auto Close
ContainAire hinged single door - Airflow Containment

Single Hinged Door

Leading solution for aisle ends of hot & cold aisle Containment

Tate’s single hinged door is the leading solution for aisle ends of hot and cold aisle containment configurations. The pre-assembled aluminum design with lift off hinges allows for quick and easy installation. With a standard right or left hinge option, the doors can also be custom built to suit your particular data center requirements. Viewing panels can designed with clear or multiwall polycarbonate.

The no threshold design eliminates any tripping hazards and ensures that there are no obstructions when walking in or out of the aisle. A factory installed perimeter compression gasket system minimizes air leakage.

Fully supported by the floor, with rack attachments for additional stability, Tate’s single hinged door is the perfect complement to your high performance data center.


ContainAire Single Hinged Door
ContainAire strip door - Airflow Containment

Strip Door

Cost effective end-of-aisle solution

ContainAire Strip Doors close the end of aisles to fully separate hot and cold exhaust airflow. The overlapping vinyl design improves air sealing performance and minimizes leakage. Our strip doors have the exciting advantage of being able to be adjusted at any location using our unique Pivot and Grip installation method, saving both time and money. The strip doors can be assembled and installed without tools, making them extremely user friendly.

Ceiling hung, the UL listed fire suppression links have a temperature release point of 135°F to allow the partition segments to fall in the case of high temperature or fire. Available in several different heights, our ContainAire strip door gives greater efficiency when sealing your hot or cold aisle.


ContainAire Strip Door
Hard Roof Panels - Airflow Containment

Hard Roof

Maximize energy efficiency & cooling capacity

Tate’s unique hard panel roof fully segregates hot and cold air, improving the cooling capacity of any data center.  It attaches to the top of the rack and lies flat to avoid interference with other overhead obstructions and extrusions.  Should a fire occur, the roof panels’ drop away to allow overhead suppression systems to work within the aisle. Incorporating clear or black anodized aluminum tracks Tate’s hard roof has been engineered to provide long lasting results.

The ContainAire hard roof kit includes all of the components and fasteners required to assemble and install the roof containment system. It’s modular design means that it can be installed in nearly any location in the data center. Tate’s hard roof can be customized to suit different width and length requirements.


ContainAire Hard Roof
ContainAire Hard Partitions - Airflow Containment

Hard Partition

Versatile and customizable

Tate ContainAire Hard Partitions are an exciting alternative to traditional soft partitions. Constructed of aluminum, with several finish options, the partitions can be customized to seal numerous gap sizes and areas. Designed to be used in either hot or cold aisles, ContainAire Hard Partitions are custom sized for every job to ensure air leakage is minimized. Lightweight, cost effective and attractive looking, ContainAire Hard Partitions come pre-assembled with supplied brackets for quick and easy installation.


ContainAire Hard Partition
Soft Partitions - Airflow Containment

Soft Partition

Quick and easy installation

Tate’s ContainAire Soft Partitions have the exciting advantage of being able to be adjusted at any location using our distinctive Pivot and Grip installation method without disassembling the rest of the header or adjoining pieces, saving both time and money. The unique connection design and overlapping curtains provide a seamless partition, resulting in an improved containment system. Increased flexibility, no tools required for installation, and a competitive price make these partitions the premier choice for hot and cold aisle applications.


ContainAire Soft Partition

Airflow Cabinets

Airflow Cabinets

Tate’s newest line of cabinets are deigned to manage airflow in raised floor data centers. Tate’s IsoFlo cabinets completely isolate the IT cooling from the rest of the facility. Tate’s ContraFlo cabinets turn airflow upside down to offer an alternative to hot aisle containment or chimney designs. Using a raised floor plenum as the return plenum, ContraFlo can simplify the requirements needed to successfully isolate hot exhaust air. Automated airflow controls reduce energy costs and provide the most efficient use of the data centers IT cooling capacity. Cabinet level containment helps maximize the opportunity for air-side economization.

Key Performance Characteristics


IsoFlo Cabinets

IsoFlo Cabinets - Airflow Containment
IsoFlo Cabinets - Airflow Containment

IsoFlo Airflow Cabinets

Completely isolated airflow for easy deployment

Tate’s IsoFlo cabinet completely isolates the IT cooling from the rest of the facility. Automated airflow controls reduce energy costs and provide the most efficient use of the data centers IT cooling capacity. The dedicated airflow path for equipment cooling aids in the implementation of fully economized or passive airflow cooling designs.

Total cabinet level containment offers additional value over aisle level containment, lower first costs and the ability to continually reduce cooling operating costs throughout the life of the data center as hardware requirements change.

Using IsoFlo to create a fully contained data center eliminates additional space requirements, and decreases the capital cost associated with the acquisition of the rack and containment portion of the data center build.

Tate’s IsoFlo cabinet can be installed almost anywhere in any data center environment. The full 42U of open mountable equipment space provides enough capacity to add the equipment needed. The automated airflow controls provide instant rebalancing for equipment changes and inlet air temperatures can be adjusted to accommodate the widening operational ranges of newer equipment.


ContraFlo Cabinets - Airflow Containment
ContraFlo Cabinets - Airflow Containment

ContraFlo Airflow Cabinets

Reverse flow cabinet for efficient, low cost design

The ContraFlo cabinet turns airflow upside down to offer an alternative to hot aisle containment or chimney designs. Using a raised floor plenum as the return plenum, ContraFlo can simplify the requirements needed to successfully isolate hot exhaust air.

Using any flooded room approach the cool air is supplied to the IT equipment through a typical perforated front cabinet door. ContraFlo then uses a solid roof and rear doors to channel the exhaust air down through a high volume airflow panel into the raised floor plenum, isolating it from the cool air in the room. Pressure differential monitoring is used at the rack level to maintain accurate airflow delivery at all times, ensuring no more energy than required is used for cooling the space.

Advantage Over Other Hot Air Containment Solutions

Hot air containment requires additional components and considerations to realize the benefits. ContraFlo reduces costs and eliminates the obstructions created by chimneys or aisle containment systems and ductwork to air handling equipment simplifying the distribution of other services.

Reverse Flow Cabinet

Using a reverse flow cabinet allows the exhaust air to funnel into a raised floor return plenum. This allows for any cabinet configuration and eliminates overhead containment structures for more cable distribution space. The raised floor return plenum also provides the perfect pathway for power distribution helping to segregate power and data cables.

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Our data center solutions help improve airflow, reduce harmful contamination, and provide proactive insight. ProSource is the right choice to protect your data center assets. Contact us to learn how airflow management, data center cleaning, and environmental testing can protect your data center’s assets.

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