Aisle Containment Solutions

We offer custom and prefabricated aisle containment systems for both new construction and retrofit projects. Data center containment helps eliminate bypass airflow and maximizes cooling efficiency.

aisle containment

Contain & improve your cooling

Aisle containment provides the most efficient way to maximize cooling efficiency. We offer both custom and prefabricated designs to meet your needs.


Key Benefits

  • Eliminates wasted cooling and bypass airflow
  • Improves efficiency of the existing cooling system
  • Reduces utility and operating costs

FAQs about aisle containment

Why should I consider containment for my data center?

Aisle containment improves cooling capacity and energy efficiency by separating cold supply air from the hot exhaust air.

What is cold aisle containment?

Cold aisle containment confines the cold supply air so that it is only available to the equipment and cannot escape.

What is hot aisle containment?

Hot Aisle Containment focuses on isolating hot exhaust air on its return to the CRAC units or on its way out of the building. And this method of containment is clearly the trend for most new enterprise data center builds.

Aisle containment products

Our aisle containment products provide a cost-effective way to maximize your data center’s cooling system. We offer both custom and prefabricated designs for both new and existing data centers.

Custom Containment

We offer cold aisle and hot aisle containment systems designed to meet your data center cooling needs. Our custom containment designs can be easily installed and modified on site. Let us help your team engineer your next project.

Aisle Containment

Key Benefits

  • Eliminates bypass airflow
  • Increases capture rates
  • Maximizes energy savings

Prefabricated Containment

Our prefabricated cold and hot aisle containment systems keep costs down and dramatically reduce installation time. Prefabricated containment systems install in half the time and cost about a third less.

Prefabricated Containment

Key Benefits

  • Lower cost than custom designs
  • Fast delivery and installation
  • Easy to modify on-site

Cabinet Containment

Our containment cabinets completely isolate supply air from the rest of the facility. In addition, automated airflow controls help reduce energy costs, improve capacity and efficiency.

Prefabricated Containment

Key Benefits

  • Maximizes air side economization
  • Significantly reduces energy costs
  • Isolate cooling inside cabinets

Industry-leading brands & solutions

ProSource is a value-added reseller and distributor for leading aisle containment products in the industry. We represent Tate, Polargy, Upsite, and other top brands. Plus, we provide technical assistance and competitive prices.

Airflow Management

Key Benefits

  • Flexible and cost-effective solutions
  • Design and consulting services
  • Project management and installation services

Technical assistance & installation

We offer technical assistance with factory-trained reps that help determine the right solution for your data center. In addition, we can assist with custom design and installation services for small and large projects.


Key Benefits

  • Factory-trained technical assistance
  • Consulting and design services available
  • Factory installation available

The right choice for aisle containment

We offer a complete line of aisle containment products that eliminate wasted cooling and maximize existing cooling capacity. ProSource can provide consulting, design, and installation services.

Airflow management

Key Benefits

  • A complete line of aisle containment products
  • Industry-leading brands and solutions
  • Consulting, design, and installation available

Improve and protect your data center

with our proven aisle containment solutions