Airflow management is essential to maintaining an optimal data center environment. Facility managers can take a few simple steps to improve airflow and cooling efficiency. 

Step 1: Seal Openings
Start by sealing all floor and rack openings to reduce bypass airflow (air which is delivered into the data center and not consumed by the equipment and exhausted as waste heat). This will increase capacity, enable higher density, and dramatically lower energy consumption. We offer an entire range of grommets from raised floor to rack to aisle level.

Step 2: Direct Airflow
Next, utilize directional airflow panels to cool the same load as vertical plume panels with half the airflow. Delivering the right amount of airflow to the right place is a key component of an energy efficient data center.

Step 3: Control / Balance Load
Next, utilize either automatic or manual dampers which adjust cooling to match variable heat loads. All of our dampers significantly reduce bypass air and improves PUE. Tate Airflow Controls can be used in both retrofit and new build applications.

Step 4: Contain Airflow
Finally, contain cool air through use of doors, roofs, or cabinets to eliminate bypass airflow. We offer both virtual and physical aisle containment. Virtual containment has comparable cooling capacities to physical aisle containment, but does not require reconfiguration of fire suppression, lighting, or cause service disruptions associated with adding a roof like physical aisle containment.