Power Cabling

ProSource offers a complete line of factory-built power cables that save time and money vs. site-built power cables. Our customized cables are built to your exact specifications and shipped fast to keep you on track.

power cables

Save time & money with factory-built cables

Our factory-built power whips save you time and money vs. site-built whips. Built to your exact specifications, our certified cables ship in 24 hours. Every cable passes stringent testing standards and is ready for use in your mission-critical facility.


Key Benefits

  • Save up to 40% vs site-built whips
  • Reduce installation time by 50%
  • Made to order & ships in 24 hours
  • UL listed components and factory tested

FAQs about factory-built power cables


How much time and money can I save using factory-built whips?

Customers can expect to save up to 40% vs. the cost of site-built power cables and reduce installation time by 50%.

How fast can I get custom factory-built cables?

Even though our cables can be customized to your exact length, color, and receptacle type, we ship most orders in 24 hours.

What type of testing do your cables undergo?

All cables are factory-tested, including HIPOT testing, load bank testing, and wire-gauge & phasing testing.

Built with the highest-quality components

All cables are UL Listed specifically for mission-critical data center environments. Our cables are manufactured with all UL-Listed components as a complete UL Listed Wire Assembly.

Power cabling

Key Benefits

  • All Components are UL Listed & Tested
  • UL Listed Liquid Tight with Integral Ground
  • Hubbell Steel LT Connectors & Boxes
  • Abrasion Resistant THHN Stranded Wire
  • Hubbell Receptacles & Connectors
  • Full Russell Stoll Line

Customized labeling & bar codes

We attach a custom identification label referencing PDU, Panel, Circuit Number, Equipment, Receptacle, Length, and UL Certification to each cable end for easy identification. These labels are secured in place with a protective heat shrink.

Power cabling labeling

Key Benefits

  • Custom sizes, colors, and fonts 
  • Phenolic and plastic engraved labels
  • High gloss label options available
  • Bar-coding available

Quality assurance cable testing

Every power whip is 100% factory tested.  Our load banks apply an electrical load test that accurately mimics the max load of a cable within your data center. Also, cables are HIPOT tested at twice-rated circuit voltage, plus 1500 Volts. Plus, Our patent-pending camera detection system ensures proper wire gauge and phasing. 

Power cabling testing

Key Benefits

  • All cables are tested and passed prior to shipping 
  • HIPOT testing ensures no arching or shorting 
  • Load bank testing mimics max load for each cable
  • Camera detection ensures proper wire gauge & phasing

Matching circuit breakers & certified testing

We stock all major brands to meet your needs. When ordering your cables, we save you a step by supplying matching breakers with your cable order. Plus, certified testing is available upon request to confirm proper polarity, open/close, and compliance with the manufacturer’s published trip curves.

Data center maintenance

Available Brands

  • Square D QOB, QOB-VH, QO & EGB
  • ABB Pro-Line
  • Cutler Hammer BAB

The right choice for power cabling

ProSource offers a complete line of factory-built power cables and circuit breakers. Power whips are built to your exact specifications. Select conduit size, color, length, receptacle, and phasing.  We provide fast turnaround and ship nationwide.


Key Benefits

  • Saves time & money vs site-built cables
  • 100% customizable & factory tested
  • Orders ship in 24 hours

Improve and protect your data center

with our factory-built power cables and breakers