AisleLok Modular Wall, 20’W x 8’H

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AisleLok Modular Wall, 20’W, 8’H. Modular Walls are an ideal solution to contain and manage airflow in your data center.

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SKU: MW4040-20 (each) Category: Tag:

AisleLok Modular Wall creates separation between hot aisles, cold aisles, and other areas of a data center to help contain and manage airflow. Also, Modular Walls come in five standard lengths of 4′, 8′, 12′, 16′, and 20′ with a standard height of 8′. In addition, AisleLok Modular Walls can be purchased in various custom colors, lengths, and heights. Please contact us for more details regarding custom orders. Manufactured by Upsite Technologies.

Available Models

  • MW4040-04, Modular Wall 4'W x 8′H
  • MW4040-08, Modular Wall, 8'W x 8'H
  • MW4040-12, Modular Wall, 12'W x 8′H
  • MW4040-16, Modular Wall, 16'W x 8′H
  • MW4040-20, Modular Wall, 20'W x 8′H


  • Lightweight aluminum structure for quick installation
  • Durable enough for long-term installations
  • Requires minimal tools to assemble and install (tools are included with each order)
  • Accommodates virtually any room/aisle configuration
  • Standard colors include white or black, but custom colors available
  • Manufactured with flame-rated materials


  • Improves airflow management by creating separation between hot aisles, cold aisles, and other areas of the data center
  • Helps improve cooling capacity and efficiency as part of a comprehensive containment system
  • Flexible design allows the Modular Wall structure system to adapt as your data center evolves

Product Documentation

Data Sheet for Modular Walls


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