ASM Access Floor Panel, Hollow Steel, 1500, HPL

ASM Access Floor Panel, Hollow Steel, 1500, HPL panels are epoxy-coated solid panels rated for static design loads of 1500 lbs and are factory-laminated with a high-pressure laminate finish.

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ASM Access Floor Panel, Hollow Steel, 1500, HPL are hollow steel panels that provide high strength and lightweight. The SD-Series panel is the product of choice for computer room applications that require light system weights due to slab weight restrictions. The panel has the ability to interchange with the FSD-Series panel, allowing for greater flexibility. Panel systems are available in 24".

SD-Series Performance Guide

Design Load (I.)
Safety Factor)(ii.) Min. 2xImpact LoadRolling Load
Rolling Load

i. Concentrated Design Load is based on permanent set < and is verified by loading panels in accordance with the CISCA concentrated load method, but with panels installed on actual understructure instead of steel blocks. (Testing on blocks does not represent the performance of an actual installation.) Ultimate, Rolling, and Impact Load tests are performed using CISCA test procedures.

ii. Safety Factor is Ultimate Load divided by Design Load.

Product Information

ACS-18504-S150D Panel Data Sheet



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