Data Center Power Cables

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Data center power cables are custom manufactured to your exact specifications. Use our power cable builder to configure your cables and get a quote.

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SKU: DCN (each) Categories: , Tag:

Data Center Power Cables are manufactured and tested in a controlled environment. With 24-Hour Turnaround, an unprecedented number of receptacles, color choices, and variable lengths, we provide customized data center power whips to fit your specific requirements. Plus, save up to 40% and keep your project on track with a faster turnaround than site-built cables. In addition, every cable passes stringent testing standards, so it's ready to use in your mission-critical data center.

Key Features

  • Manufactured with UL-listed & tested components
  • Full line of Hubbell & Russellstoll receptacles & connectors
  • Standard Hubbell Steel LT connectors & boxes
  • Standard UL-listed Liquid Tight conduit with integral ground
  • Standard abrasion-resistant THHN stranded wire
  • Custom labeling for easy installation
  • Testing includes HIPOT, Load Bank, and proper Wire Gauge & Phasing
  • Cables comply with NEC, Article 645.5
  • Matching circuit breakers are available with every order
  • Data center power cables ship in 24-48 hours

Cable Testing

  • HIPOT testing (Dielectric Withstand Voltage Test) at twice the rated circuit voltage plus 1500V to ensure no arcing or shorting
  • Load Bank Testing mimics the max rated load of each cable while in use within your data center
  • Wire gauge and phasing confirmation to ensure proper gauging and phasing using a patent-pending camera detection system
  • Electronic and hard copy test results for every cable are available upon request

Customized Labeling

  • Standard labels are provided at both ends of every cable
  • Cable labels reference PDU, panel, circuits, and equipment for faster installs
  • Specialized labels are available for panels and other power gear in your data center.
  • Custom sizes, colors, and fonts are available
  • Phenolic, Plastic Engraved, and high gloss label options

Circuit Breakers

Save a step by ordering matching breakers with your order. We supply all major brands including:

  • ABB Pro-Line
  • Cutler-Hammer BAB
  • Square-D QOB, QOB-VH, QO & EGB

Circuit Breaker Testing

Certified testing of circuit breakers is available to confirm proper polarity, open/close, and compliance with the manufacturer's published trip curves.

Packaging & Shipping

Cables are sorted by customer preference by PDU, location, or device, and shipped in fiber drums. Each drum is labeled to ensure efficient installation.

24 Hour Order Turnaround

Standard next-day shipping, with expedited shipping upon request.

Custom Reporting

We can provide custom reporting for all your orders by location, date, quantity, and price.


Standardize your power cable specifications across all your data center sites with factory-tested UL-listed cables.




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