PlenaForm Airflow Baffle

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PlenaForm Airflow Baffle snaps together and is easy to install. Baffle size: 24″H x 48″ W x .040″D. Shipped with 8 cable ties and 4 rivets.

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SKU: PF2448 (each) Category: Tag:

PlenaForm Airflow Baffle is a flexible, snap-together system that helps direct airflow under raised access floors in data centers. The PlenaForm Airflow Baffle system guides and directs cold air to where it is needed. The flame retardant baffles are scored both vertically and horizontally so sections can be removed or added onto to meet any height or width requirement. All angles of bend radius may be attained, including inside and outside mounting to raised floor pedestals. It has a continuous punch-out hole pattern that allows attachment to any style raised floor pedestal at any height or width location with cable ties. PlenaForm Airflow Baffles are die cut from a polypropylene compound that is inert, non-conductive, and non-hygroscopic with a UL-VO 94 rating.


  • Size: 24"H x 48"W x .040"D.
  • Comes with 8 cable ties and 4 rivets
  • Constructed of polypropylene
  • Non-conductive & non-hygroscopic
  • UL-VO 94 rating



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