SwitchFix Cooling Channel, Rear Intake, 2U, Adjustable 10.63″-14.63″D

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Passive Cooling Channel, Rear Intake, 2U, Adjustable 10.63″-14.63″D

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SKU: SF002-PR4 (each) Category: Tags: ,

SwitchFix cooling channel comes in a variety of sizes to meet the needs of many switches currently used in today’s data centers. Each unit adjusts in depth to ensure an optimal flow of cooled air through to the installed switch. The SwitchFix easily accommodates front, rear, and side switch intakes and exhaust. The SwitchFix’s passive airflow system channels air from the cold aisle to the switch, allowing cold air to pass through the switch intakes and prevents bypass and recirculated airflow. This prevents hot exhaust air from recycling through the installed equipment. This passive switch cooling solution can improve switch performance and life expectancy.


  • Channels cold air to the switch
  • Prevents hot air recirculation
  • Maintains cold aisle/hot aisle segregation
  • Adjustable for a variety of depths
  • Passive airflow circulation


  • Maintains switch reliability and improves the longevity of the switch
  • Augments and improves upon airflow management best practices
  • Supports over 200 switches in a passive application or 150 switches in an active* application
  • No additional power supply is needed
  • Supports 1U and 2U switches**

*Active units are available upon request.
**See the SwitchFix Cross Reference Guide to determine which SwitchFix meets your needs.

Product Documentation

SwitchFix SF002-PR4 Data Sheet
SwitchFix SF002-PR1-PR2-PR3-PR4 Installation Guide
SwitchFix Cross Reference Guide


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