The Importance of Server Cabinet Cleaning

Server cabinet cleaning is essential for an effective data center maintenance program and provides several benefits. Regular cleaning prevents contamination build-up and optimizes airflow. In addition, many server manufacturers recommend a clean environment for the best performance. Therefore, the industry recommends routine cleaning as a best practice for data center cabinets.

Contamination increases risks to servers.

Contamination includes dust, ferrous metal, and other harmful contaminants. If left unchecked, the cooling system will sweep contamination up into the airflow that cools equipment. Once contamination becomes airborne, it passes through the internal components of servers during cooling. In addition, electronic devices attract dust and remain inside servers. As a result, the build-up of these contaminants over time poses serious threats. However, the regular cleaning of the subfloor and cabinets helps prevent dust build-up by removing contamination using special vacuums designed for data center environments.

Cleaning prevents contamination build-up.

Cleaning server cabinets improve equipment reliability by ensuring airflow is free of contaminants. Dust build-up occurs over time. Problems arise when too much accumulation occurs inside servers. These problems include disk errors that may cause intermittent failures or permanently damage internal components. Even though equipment failures occur for many reasons, cleaning helps reduce the risk.

Cleaning optimizes airflow efficiency

Cleaning also optimizes airflow efficiency in servers. Another benefit is that equipment remains free from dust build-up on the intake and exhaust openings. Dust accumulation restricts airflow on intake and exhaust openings. Restricted openings reduce the volume of airflow entering and exiting the server. As a result, less airflow means higher internal temperatures. Therefore, routine cleaning ensures optimal airflow and cooling efficiency.

Utilize a professional data center cleaning vendor

Always utilize an experienced data center cleaning professional to perform this type of maintenance. Vendors who specialize in cleaning data center environments use the proper vacuums and processes to safely and effectively clean your equipment. Server cabinet cleaning should be part of a preventive maintenance program that includes cleaning of the subfloor, raised floor, and cabinets. We recommend that clients clean their cabinets at least once per year at a minimum. However, for best results, server cabinets should be cleaned quarterly.

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