Server cabinets

Recommended Best Practice

Interior server cabinet cleaning is a necessary and important part of a regular data center preventive maintenance program. PM programs that include cleaning the inside of the server cabinet and its equipment provide several benefits.

Preventing Contamination Build-Up
First, the most important reason to regularly clean inside your data center’s cabinets is to prevent the risk of downtime. Downtime can occur for various reasons. However, one often overlooked area of prevention is contaminated airflow from the subfloor. Contamination build up in the subfloor can contain not only dust, but can contain ferrous metal and other harmful contaminants. Once the contamination becomes airborne, the airflow passes through the internal components of servers to cool equipment. The danger is the build-up of those contaminates inside your servers. 

Increasing & Optimizing Airflow Efficiency
An additional benefit is that equipment that remains free from dust build-up on the intake and exhaust openings. When dust is allowed to build-up it will prevent reduce the volume of airflow entering and exiting the server. The exchange of heat will be reduced and cause issues with reducing server temperatures. Cleaning the exterior of the servers will ensure optimal airflow and cooling efficiency. 

Utilize Professional Data Center Vendors
Always utilize an experienced data center cleaning professional to perform this type of maintenance. Critical cleaning vendors specialize in cleaning data center environments utilize the proper vacuums and processes to safely and effectively clean your equipment. Interior server cabinet cleaning should be part of a regularly scheduled preventive maintenance program that includes quarterly cleaning of the subfloor, raised floor, and exterior cabinets. We recommend that clients clean inside their cabinets at least once per year. 

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