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ProSource provides data center cleaning services to critical facility managers across the US. With 25+ years of experience, we are the right choice to improve and protect your data center.

Data center cleaning

Clean & optimize your environment

Routine data center cleaning reduces contamination that flows into servers and accumulates over time. According to ASHRAE, cleaning helps prevent the risks of downtime and improves the efficiency of servers. That’s why data center cleaning should be part of regularly scheduled maintenance.


Key Benefits

  • Reduces contamination build-up in servers
  • Improves the efficiency of servers
  • Prevents contamination-related downtime

FAQs about data center cleaning

Why is data center cleaning necessary?

Routine data center cleaning reduces airborne contamination swept up into the airflow that accumulates in servers. Regular cleaning improves the efficiency of servers and prevents unnecessary downtime.

What data center cleaning services are recommended, and how often should I clean?

For best results, experts recommend cleaning the subfloor and ceiling plenums every six months. They also recommend cleaning the raised floor and equipment surfaces by trained professionals every three months.

What should I look for in a data center cleaning vendor?

Due to data centers’ sensitive nature, look for an experienced data center cleaning company with references. Qualified companies use specialized equipment like cleanroom vacuums with ULPA filtration that are safe to use around servers.

Data center cleaning services

ProSource offers a full suite of cleaning services to meet all your needs in one vendor. We not only provide specialized cleaning for your critical areas, but we can also provide daily custodial and disinfection services for non-critical areas.

Subfloor Cleaning

Includes vacuuming the subfloor plenum using specialized critical filter vacuums. Removes contamination from subfloor areas to eliminate the build-up of particulate that can be carried into the airflow and cause downtime.

Data center cleaning

Key Benefits

  • Safe & effective with ULPA vacs with shielded motors
  • Removes built-up contamination in the subfloor plenum
  • Recommended every six months for best results

Raised Floor Cleaning

Includes vacuuming and damp mopping the floor surface with cleaning chemicals approved for use in critical facilities. When needed, we offer floor rejuvenation services that include mechanical scrubbing.

Raised floor cleaning

Key Benefits

  • Maintains static dissipative properties of access tiles
  • Removes built-up dust dirt and removes scuff marks
  • It keeps your facility looking its best

Equipment Cleaning

Includes cleaning the exterior and interior surfaces of cabinets, equipment, and workstations with critical filtered vacuums and anti-static cleaners.

Equipment cleaning

Key Benefits

  • Prevents build-up inside and outside equipment
  • Keeps equipment looking good inside your facility
  • It keeps your facility looking its best

Overhead & Ceiling Cleaning

Includes cleaning overhead areas by vacuuming above or below the drop ceiling using critical filter vacuums. This also may include vacuuming and wiping clean overhead raceways with an approved anti-static cleaner.

Overhead cleaning

Key Benefits

  • Removes contamination in ceiling plenums
  • Removes contamination from overhead raceways
  • It keeps your facility looking its best

Site Preparation

Includes post-construction cleaning and initial cleaning before regular maintenance services. For older facilities without a sealed concrete floor, we also provide subfloor encapsulation to prevent concrete dusting.

Site prep cleaning

Key Benefits

  • Removes contamination from construction
  • Prevents dust from entering servers
  • Provides a professional look

Custodial Services

In addition to providing critical cleaning, we can provide daily custodial services in your data center facility. ProSource can reduce vendors by offering a complete cleaning program for all your locations.

Custodial services

Key Benefits

  • Customized cleaning programs
  • One vendor for all your needs
  • National service and pricing available

Electrostatic Disinfection Spraying

Large non-critical areas can be disinfected quickly and efficiently with electrostatic spraying. One-step disinfectants are applied and allowed to air dry to meet recommended dwell times to meet the chemical manufacturer’s kill claims. 

Data center maintenance

Key Benefits

  • Disinfects large areas faster
  • Disinfects more surface areas
  • No wiping required after application

High-Touch Disinfection

Disinfects high-touch surfaces in both critical and non-critical areas using approved disinfectants. Surfaces should be allowed to air dry so disinfectants are allowed to dwell to effectively kill pathogens. 

Data center maintenance

Key Benefits

  • Disinfects frequently touched surfaces
  • No need to evacuate the area during cleaning
  • Safe for critical environments

National coverage with flexible scheduling

ProSource regional crews provide national service with greater flexibility to respond to your needs. We provide services 365 days per year during any shift. Because we have more teams, we offer consistent service to all your locations.

data center cleaning

Key Benefits

  • One vendor to cover all your locations
  • Flexibility to meet your maintenance windows
  • Fast response for emergency needs

Trained technicians with best-in-class equipment

Our team of screened and trained technicians will safely and effectively clean your data center. They utilize cleanroom vacuums with ULPA filtration that are ideal for use in data centers because they reduce airborne contaminants.

data center cleaning

Key Benefits

  • Background & drug screened 
  • Utilize ULPA cleanroom vacs
  • Trained to safely clean critical areas

The right choice for data center cleaning

ProSource has 25+ years of experiencing cleaning hundreds of data centers across the US. We provide national coverage and offer competitive rates. Plus, we can provide a full suite of additional custodial and disnfections services.


Key Benefits

  • Nationally certified by ADCCP
  • 25+ years of data center cleaning experience
  • National coverage with trained technicians

Improve and protect your data center

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