Manage cooling, power, and flooring

Our value-added products help data centers better manage cooling, power distribution and offer innovative solutions for monitoring and flooring. We represent leading manufacturers, including Upsite Technologies, Tate Access Floors, and Southwire Cables

Cooling management

Our cooling management products improve capacity by decreasing bypass airflow and reducing the mixing of supply airflow with warm exhaust.

Products include

  • Bypass sealing grommets and panels
  • Directional airflow panels
  • Containment structures

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Monitoring solutions

Our monitoring products use cloud-based software and wireless sensors to manage cooling and power. They also help reduce heat-related issues and decrease energy.

Products include

  • Innovative cloud-based software
  • Wireless cabinet sensors
  • Wireless sensors for air handlers

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Power distribution

Our power distribution products save time and money by providing reliable connections to cabinets and servers. Orders ship within 48 hours for faster installation.

Products include

  • Custom-built power whips
  • Circuit breakers
  • Rack power distribution units

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Flooring solutions

We provide refurbished access panels to match your existing floors. You save time with a faster turnaround than new floor panels at a reduced cost.

Products include

  • Refurbished access panels
  • High-capacity grates
  • Directional airflow panels

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Products to improve and protect your data center

We offer four categories of products that help manage data center cooling, power distribution, monitoring, and flooring.

data center cooling management

Cooling management

Servers require a sufficient amount of cooling to function correctly. Although most data centers provide more than enough cooling, it often bypasses servers. Managing data center airflow will maximize existing cooling capacity and avoid heat-related issues. We represent leading data center cooling management product manufacturers like Upsite Technologies and Tate Airflow.

Key Benefits

  • Reduces wasted cooling and heat-related problems
  • Improves efficiency of the existing cooling system
  • Avoids the cost of adding new cooling capacity

Grommets and blanking panels

  • Sealing unwanted openings in floors and cabinets
  • Reduce bypass air and increase cooling capacity
  • Reduce energy cost by capturing stranded capacity

Dampers and controls

  • Optimize energy efficiency by matching loads
  • Adjusts cooling for variable heat loads
  • Reduce bypass air and improve PUE

Directional panels and grates

  • Direct airflow at server cabinets
  • Increase cooling captured by servers 
  • High return on investment and quick payback

Containment Structures

  • Eliminate bypass airflow by separating airflows 
  • Custom and standard configurations
  • Consulting, design, and installation available

Frequently asked questions about cooling

Why should I manage airflow in my data center?

Managing airflow in your data center improves equipment reliability, increases cooling efficiency, and protects against downtime. Plus, airflow management products are cost-effective and reduce operating costs.

What is bypass airflow, and why it should be eliminated?

Bypass airflow is any conditioned air that does not pass through servers before returning to a cooling unit. So, it’s essential to reduce wasted airflow to make your cooling system more efficient.

What steps should I take to begin improving airflow?

Start by sealing all floor and rack openings, and direct airflow at server cabinets with directional airflow panels. Next, use dampers and sensors to control cooling. Finally, contain airflow with either aisle or cabinet containment.

data center power distribution

Power distribution

Our power distribution products provide reliable and cost-saving solutions. We offer factory-built power whips, circuit breakers, rack power distribution units, and monitoring power monitoring. We partner with Southwire/DCN Cables to provide high-quality power cables for your data center. 

Key Benefits

  • Reduced fabrication costs
  • Reduced turnaround and installation time
  • UL listed components and factory tested

Factory-built power whips

  • Save time and money vs. site-built whips
  • Built to your exact specs with UL components
  • Passes stringent testing and ships in 48 hours

Rack power distribution units

  • Greater reliability with machine-soldered connections
  • Advanced functionality and unique customizations
  • Made in the USA with fast turnarounds

Circuit breakers and testing

  • Order matching breakers with cable orders
  • Certified testing available upon request
  • All major brands in stock

Power monitoring

  • Low-cost wireless sensors and 3D visualizations
  • Immersive real-time thermal and power monitoring
  • Easily plan and track power usage

Frequently asked questions about power whips

How much time and money can I save using factory-built whips?

Customers can expect to save up to 40% vs. the cost of site-built power cables and reduce installation time by 50%.

How fast can I get custom factory-built cables?

Even though our cables can be customized to your exact length, color, and receptacle type, we ship most orders in 24 hours.

What type of testing do your cables undergo?

All cables are factory-tested, including HIPOT testing, load bank testing, and wire-gauge & phasing testing.

data center monitoring

Monitoring solutions

Our monitoring products help you plan and optimize cooling and power in your data center. We  offer EkkoSense, a global leader in the research, development and production of innovative, software-driven thermal optimization solutions for critical live environments. Our expertise across key innovation areas – including Internet of Things, Edge, 3D visualization, digital twins, DCIM, machine learning and AI – ensures that our solutions take full advantage of next generation technologies.

Thermal monitoring

  • Real-time thermal monitoring and optimization
  • Monitor and reduce thermal risks,
  • Reduce energy costs and increase cooling capacity

Power monitoring

  • Real-time monitoring and optimization
  • Plan and optimize power
  • Reduce energy costs

Frequently asked questions about monitoring

What savings should I expect from monitoring cooling and power?

Our customers see tangible savings from capacity release, reduced downtime, and cooling energy reductions. Cooling energy savings typically range between 10% and 40% depending on the type of EkkoSense engagement, purely software or a combination of software and optimization services. We have averaged a 30% cooling energy saving over hundreds of customer projects.

What data do you collect and how?

We have an extremely accurate and low-cost range of wireless sensors to provide thermal and humidity data along with unique cooling unit sensors for providing real-time cooling duty. We can also communicate with 3rd party sensor systems to collect thermal and power data (and other data types as required).

data center flooring

Flooring solutions

Our flooring solutions help you find replacement panels to match your existing access floor system type and finish. We can supply attic stock and floor data center replacement. We also offer directional airflow panels and high-capacity grates.

Refurbished floor panels

  • Match existing access floor panels
  • Resurfaced with a new laminate finish
  • Less expensive than purchasing new tiles

Directional panels and grates

  • Direct airflow toward cabinets
  • Increase cooling captured by servers
  • Higher returns on investment

Frequently asked questions about flooring

How long does it take to identify my panel?

Our goal is to identify your panel as soon as we receive photos. Our turn-around time is usually less than one business day.

How long does it take to get a price?

It takes about one business day once we determine the type of floor system you need to replace.

When will I receive my panels?

Most panels are in stock, however, some older panels can take 2 – 3 weeks to deliver.