Clean every area of your data center

Since data centers are specialized facilities, they demand a cleaning vendor that understands how to maintain your facility correctly. We’re an experienced data center cleaning company that provides comprehensive services for your white and gray spaces and customer and employee areas. Rely on our experience and expertise to make your data centers world-class. 

White spaces

White spaces are where data processing occurs. So, we provide specialized services to keep these areas free from contamination.


  • Server rooms
  • HVAC galleries
  • Command centers

Gray spaces

Gray spaces contain support systems that keep computer servers up and running. These areas also need cleaning to keep them maintained.


  • Mechanical equipment rooms
  • Electrical equipment rooms
  • Generator and battery rooms

Customer areas

Customer areas reflect your commitment to your clients. Therefore, we provide services to clean and disinfect these areas.


  • Lobbies
  • Conference rooms
  • Restrooms

Employee areas

Employee areas also need routine cleaning and disinfecting. Our trained staff provide daily cleaning so your entire facility looks great.


  • Offices
  • Breakrooms
  • Restrooms


One vendor for all your data center cleaning

Our full-suite of cleaning services address every area of your data center. Rest easy knowing that our team has the skill and knowledge to safely clean your entire facility. We understand the critical nature of your data center and will design a comprehensive cleaning that program reduces keeps all areas of you facility clean and neat.

data center critical cleaning

Critical cleaning

Critical cleaning removes contamination build-up in your facilities’ data processing areas like subfloors, raised floors, server cabinets, ceiling plenums, command centers, electrical and mechanical equipment rooms, and battery backup and generator rooms. Routine scheduled cleanings reduce the risk of downtime. Critical cleaning is considered preventive maintenance and should be regularly scheduled. The frequency of cleaning should be determined by following industry guidelines and individual factors of your facility like age, equipment density, and the type of cooling system.

Services include

  • Subfloor and ceiling cleaning
  • Raised floor cleaning
  • Equipment cleaning
  • Containment structure cleaning

Subfloor and ceiling cleaning

  • Removes contamination in plenums
  • Reduces the accumulation and circulation of dust
  • Prevents contamination-related downtime

Equipment cleaning

  • Removes dust from server cabinets
  • Prevents dust from entering servers
  • Maintains an optimal environment for servers

Raised floor cleaning

  • Removes scuff marks, dirt, and dust
  • Prolongs the life of the anti-static finish
  • Keeps white spaces looking bright and neat

Containment structure cleaning

  • Removes dust from doors, walls, and ceiling panels
  • Prevents dust from becoming airborne
  • Keeps white spaces looking clean and neat
data center custodial cleaning

Custodial cleaning

Custodial cleaning helps maintain customer and employee areas with routine services that make your data center facility shine. Areas include lobbies, client workstations, break rooms, conference rooms, offices, cubicles, restrooms, elevators, print rooms, loading docks, and warehouses. Trust us to provide qualified cleaning technicians that understand data centers. Because humans cause most downtime issues in data centers, it’s essential that all personnel cleaning in and around your data center understand the sensitive nature of your facility. Our custodial team understands how to perform routine cleaning tasks, so rest assured that they’re qualified to clean your data center.

Services include

  • Daily cleaning
  • Carpet care and cleaning
  • Hardfloor care and cleaning
  • Disinfection cleaning

Daily cleaning

  • Keep customer and employee areas clean and neat
  • Reflects your commitment to  a world-class facility
  • Full-time staffing available to meet all your needs

Hardfloor care and cleaning

  • Includes cleaning, buffing, and stripping and waxing
  • Programs for VCT, ESD, LVT, and Epoxy-coated floors
  • Improves life and shine of floors

Carpet care and cleaning

  • Includes spot removal, traffic lane, and deep cleaning
  • Offer wet extraction, dry chemical, and bonnet cleaning
  • Programs designed on your facility’s specific needs

Disinfection cleaning

  • Prevents the spread of infection
  • Disinfect high-touch surfaces and large areas
  • Keeps employees and visitors safe
data center disinfection cleaning

Disinfection cleaning

Disinfection protects customers and employees by preventing the spread of infections. Surfaces that need daily disinfection include door handles, light switches, desktops, computer keyboards, phones, water fountains, restroom fixtures, elevator buttons, break room tables, and appliances. We follow industry guidelines and use approved disinfectants to safely and effectively clean your data center. We offer services that disinfect every area of your data center and provide daily disinfection, high-touch disinfecting, electro-static disinfection spraying, and emergency response disinfection.

Services include

  • Daily disinfection
  • High-touch surface disinfection
  • Electro-static disinfection spraying
  • Emergency response disinfection

Daily disinfection

  • Prevents infection spread
  • Includes high-touch surfaces
  • Keeps employees and visitors safe

Electro-static spraying

  • Disinfects large areas quickly
  • Uses effective one-step disinfectants
  • Static-charged particles adhere better to surfaces

High-touch surfaces

  • Disinfects frequently touched surfaces
  • Prevents infection spread
  • Uses approved disinfectants

Emergency response

  • Response for COVID exposures
  • Disinfect every area of your data center
  • Eliminates the spread of infection
data center disaster cleaning

Disaster cleaning

Our disaster cleaning is part of a comprehensive cleaning program that’s an integral part of a complete disaster response plan. We provide emergency response cleaning for critical areas that need remediation, as well as disinfection cleaning in emergency situations for COVID exposures in your facility.

Services include

  • Emergency critical cleaning
  • Emergency disinfection cleaning

Critical cleaning

  • Emergency response cleaning for critical areas
  • Establish a disaster plan for white spaces
  • Provide any of our critical cleaning services

Disinfection cleaning

  • Includes responding to  COVID exposures
  • Disinfect every area of your data center
  • Prevents the spread of infection


Trained technicians
with best-in-class equipment

Our team of screened and trained technicians will safely and effectively clean your data center. They utilize cleanroom vacuums with ULPA filtration that reduce airborne contaminants and are equipped with shielded motor housings, so they’re safe to use around servers.

Key benefits

  • Employees screened and verified
  • Awareness & safety training
  • Equipment certified for data centers
  • Higher dust capture rates


National service with flexible scheduling

ProSource provides national service with competitive pricing and consistent service across the country. Our team of regional crews offers greater flexibility to meet your scheduling and emergency needs 365/24/7. Plus, if you have multiple sites, we can offer discounted fixed multi-year contract pricing to reduce your costs and vendor base.


  • One vendor for all your locations
  • Flexibility for your maintenance windows
  • Fast response for emergency needs
  • Discounted rates with multi-year pricing


Frequently asked questions about cleaning

Why is data center cleaning necessary?

Regular data center cleaning reduces airborne contamination swept up into the airflow that accumulates in servers. Regular cleaning improves the efficiency of servers and prevents unnecessary downtime.

What cleaning services are recommended, and how often should I clean?

For best results, experts recommend cleaning white and gray spaces every three months to reduce contamination. They also recommend cleaning customer-facing and employee areas on a daily basis to maintain a pristine appearance and prevent infection.

What should I look for in a data center cleaning vendor?

Look for an experienced data center cleaning company with references. Qualified companies use specialized equipment like cleanroom vacuums with ULPA filtration that are safe to use around servers, and trained and supervised employees.