Data Center
Maintenance Solutions

ProSource provides data center maintenance products and services to critical facility managers across the US. With 25+ years of experience, we are the right choice to improve and protect your data center.

Data center maintenance

Discover our top-rated solutions

We provide professional data center maintenance products and services with nationwide service through our network of experienced technicians. As a result, we provide fast and reliable service 365/24/7. As a critical facility manager, you can trust and rely on us for the best solutions for all your locations.

Airflow Management

  • Thermal Monitoring
  • Floor grommets
  • Blanking panels
  • Dampers & Controls
  • Airflow panels & grates

Aisle Containment

  • Virtual containment
  • Cold & hot aisle
  • Custom designed
  • Prefabricated kits
  • Modular solutions

Data Center Cleaning

  • Subfloor cleaning
  • Raised floor cleaning
  • Equipment cleaning
  • Custodial services
  • Disinfection services

Power Cabling

  • Factory-built whips
  • Monitored cables
  • Circuit breakers
  • Grounding kits
  • Custom Labeling
data center maintenance

Trusted by data centers across the US

The largest data centers in the industry trust ProSource. We’re a leader with 25+ years of proven experience helping critical facility managers improve and protect their data centers.

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The right choice for data center maintenance

As a data center facility manager, you need vendors you can trust and rely on for the best service possible. ProSource provides proven experience and practical solutions. Besides, we can provide consistent service for all your critical facility locations across the US. We offer discounts for multisite contracts to help you drive standardization and save money.

Key Benefits

  • 25+ years of experience serving data centers 
  • Specialty maintenance programs 
  • National coverage with discounted pricing 
Data Center Maintenance

What our customers are saying

ProSource has become an industry leader because more and more customers trust us to work in their critical environments. As a result, each year, we service hundreds of data center locations across the US. We consistently satisfy our clients with more than a 99% satisfaction rating.

“Between their quality of work and flexibility, ProSource is one of our best vendors”

Joe S

Data Center Manager, San Antonio, TX

“ProSource has saved us both time and money with their power whips program”

Moe B

Facility Manager, Richmond, VA

“Our data centers have never looked better since we started using ProSource”

Kevin G

Facility Manager, Delaware, OH

True national coverage with competitive rates

ProSource provides competitive pricing with consistent service across the country. Our team of regional crews offers greater flexibility to meet your scheduling and emergency needs 365/24/7. Plus, if you have multiple sites, we can offer discounted fixed multi-year contract pricing to reduce your costs and vendor base.

Data Center Maintenance

Key Benefits

  • One vendor to cover all your locations
  • Flexibility to meet your maintenance windows
  • Fast response for emergency needs
  • Discounted rates with multi-year pricing

Certifications & strategic partnerships

ProSource is an industry-leading data center maintenance company with over 25+ years of experience. We are a certified data center cleaning company by ADCCP, the Association of Data Center Cleaning Professionals.

Strategic Partners

We partner with leading manufacturers in the data center industry that include:


Data center cleaning
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ADCCP Certified Vendor

TRU BLU maintenance plans

Ask about our proven step-by-step maintenance solutions to help facility managers improve and protect their data centers.


Proven step-by-step maintenance plans 

  • Improve your airflow & maximize cooling
  • Clean & optimize your environment
  • Save time & money on power cabling
  • Save time & money with replacement flooring

More products & services to meet your needs

ProSource can improve and protect your data center with our full line of products and services.  We provide solutions for airflow,  containment, power cabling, data center cleaning, and raised flooring.

Airflow Management

We offer cost-effective solutions that address airflow issues. By helping manage your airflow, you can ensure that your data center cooling is optimized.


Key Benefits

  • Increase cooling capacity
  • Lower utility operating costs
  • Increase equipment reliability
Data Center maintenance

Aisle Containment

ProSource offers cold and hot aisle containment for new construction and retrofit projects. Aisle containment helps eliminate bypass airflow and maximizes cooling efficiency.


Key Benefits

  • Reduce bypass airflow
  • Increase cooling efficiency
  • Reduce utility operating costs
Data center maintenance

Data Center Cleaning

ProSource cleaning solutions optimize your data center environment. We offer comprehensive programs that include subfloor, raised floor, and equipment cleaning.


Key Benefits

  • Reduce contamination build-up
  • Optimizes environment for servers
  • Prevent unwanted downtime
Data Center Maintenance

Power Cabling

Industry-leading brands of factory-built power whips & cables, circuit breakers, and monitoring to help improve and protect critical facilities.


Key Benefits

  • Save money with factory-built power whips
  • Fast turn-around on orders in 24 hours
  • Factory testing and quality assurance
Data center maintenance

Improve and protect your data center

with our proven critical facility maintenance solutions