Data Center Solutions

Improve and Protect Your Data Center

Airflow Management

Reduce Bypass Airflow and Improve Cooling

Aisle Containment

Improve Cooling by Eliminating Bypass Airflow

Data Center Cleaning

Prevent Downtime by Reducing Contamination Build-up

Power Whips & Cables

Reduce cost and installation time vs. site built whips

Rack Mounted PDUs

Upgradeable Intelligent PDUs and Monitoring

Improve and Protect Your Data Center

ProSource offers a full suite of products and services to help critical facility managers improve and protect their data centers. With over 20 years of industry experience in critical facilities, we offer airflow management, aisle containment, data center cleaning, power whips, PDUs and monitoring. Please contact us today to discuss how we can help improve and protect your critical facilities.

Airflow Management
  • Air Filters
  • Containment & Cabinets
  • Dampers & Controls
  • Panels & Grates
  • Floor Grommets
  • Blanking Panels
Aisle Containment
  • Virtual Containment
  • Cold & Hot Aisle
  • Custom & Prefab Doors
  • Custom & Prefab Walls
  • Custom & Prefab Ceilings
  • Modular Infrastructure
Data Center Cleaning
  • Custom Plans
  • Subfloor
  • Raised Floor
  • Equipment & Cabinets
  • Overhead & Ceiling
  • Post Construction & Site Prep
Power & Monitoring
  • UL Listed Power Whips
  • Monitored Power Whips
  • Circuit Breakers & Testing
  • Grounding & Mounting Kits
  • Monitored, & Switched PDUs
  • Environmental Monitoring

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Save Money with Factory-Built Power Whips

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Data Center Cleaning Recommended by ASHRAE

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Data Center Airflow Management Basics

Data center airflow management is a cost-effective way to make sure that your existing cooling system is as efficient and effective...

Airflow Management Solutions

ProSource offers cost-effective and energy efficient solutions that help address data center airflow management issues. Airflow management will ensure that your data center is optimized.

Key Benefits:

  • Increase capacity of existing cooling system
  • Lower operating costs by improving cooling efficiency
  • Increase equipment reliability by reducing hot spots
  • Reduce bypass airflow and prevent mixing of exhaust and supply airflow


Airflow Monitoring

Aisle Containment Solutions

ProSource offers both cold and hot aisle containment systems for both new construction and retrofit projects. Aisle containment helps eliminate bypass airflow and maximizes your cooling system.

Key Benefits:

  • Increase cooling efficiency by eliminating bypass airflow
  • Reduce utility operating costs by balancing cooling and loads
  • Increase cooling capacity by reclaiming stranded capacity
  • Improve equipment reliability by eliminating hot spots


Aisle Containment

Data Center Cleaning Solutions

ProSource offers cost-effective cleaning solutions designed to help remove built-up contamination inside your mission critical facility. Data center cleaning ensures that your equipment is operating in safe environment.

Key Benefits:

  • Reduce the risk of business interruption from contamination build-up
  • Optimize the operating environment of data center equipment
  • Recommended by industry experts as essential preventive maintenance
  • Certified data center cleaning vendor with national coverage


Data Center Cleaning

Power & Monitoring Solutions

ProSource offers industry leading brands of custom power whips & cables, intelligent PDUs, and proactive environmental monitoring. Branch circuit power solutions help reduce downtime and save money.

Key Benefits:

  • Custom factory-built power whips reduce cost and installation time vs. contractor site-built cables
  • Custom made to exact specs with certified UL Listed components
  • Testing to ensure no arcing, shorting, proper phase rotation, and ground integrity
  • Upgradeable technology that allows hot-swapping of PDU monitoring devices without interrupting power
  • U-lock outlets that securely lock cords in place and color coded by phase and/or circuit
  • Get alerts via email, SMS, and SNMP when upper thresholds are breached


Power Whips

Why ProSource?

ProSource is an experienced and certified data center vendor. ProSource has over 20 years of data center industry experience in a variety of industries across the United States. We offer air flow management, cold aisle and hot aisle containment, data center cleaning, custom factory-built power whips, rack power PDUs, wireless monitoring systems, raised flooring, sticky mats, and air filters.


Experienced & Certified Vendor

Certified data center vendor by with over 20 years of experience.

National Coverage & Scheduling Flexibility

National coverage with consistent service, pricing and flexible scheduling 7/24/365

Supervised & Trained Technicians

All technicians are background screened, trained and certified to safely clean your data center

Certifications and Partners

ProSource is an experienced national vendor and certified by the Association of Data Center Cleaning Professionals. We partner with industry leading manufacturers like DCN Cables, Geist, Tate Airflow, Polargy, and Upsite Technologies to offer the best-in-class products for your data center.

The Right Choice for Data Centers

Our products and services increase efficiency, improve reliability, and prevent downtime. Protecting and improving your data center takes planning and prevention.

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