Selecting a data center cleaning vendor is an important part of a robust preventive maintenance program. Just like other vendors that perform work in your critical space, data center cleaning vendors must provide a high level of experience and knowledge. According to the Association of Data Center Cleaning Professionals, when selecting a data center cleaning vendor make sure that the vendor is experienced in cleaning data centers. An experienced data center cleaning vendor will meet the minimum standards set forth by organizations like ADCCP. Certifications are designed to ensure that data center managers can trust that vendors meet certain minimum requirements to be considered a data center cleaning professional. Minimum requirements include expertise and experience, employee screening and training, and equipment and chemicals. There are several factors to consider when evaluating a data center cleaning vendor. Data center cleaning vendors should have a high-level of experience cleaning critical facilities. The professional data center cleaning vendor will often focus exclusively on data centers or critical facilities rather than non-critical buildings like commercial office buildings. Some vendors are even certified or meet certain industry standards as a data center cleaning professional. A professional company will have several years of experience and be able to provide several references that you should review and check. Another factor to consider is a vendor’s ability to schedule work within your prescribed maintenance windows. Professional service companies that work in critical facilities are set up and built to work in off hours and days to accommodate their customer’s needs.  It’s also important to look for a vendor that can provide the same services at multiple locations so you can make sure that the the service levels are consistent across all your sites. Next, make sure your data center cleaning vendor utilizes company owned employees that have been background screened and trained to work in your critical environment. A professional data center cleaning company will not use temporary labor to perform work in the data center environment. More importantly, crews will be supervised by experienced and knowledgeable staff that understands the importance of cleaning safely and effectively. Finally, ensure that your vendor uses industry approved equipment and supplies to clean your data center to ensure that contamination is captured and removed, and not reintroduced back into the environment. Vacuums should be either ULPA or HEPA filtered with sealed and insulated motor housings to eliminate magnetic and radio frequency interference around servers. All equipment should be connected to ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCI) equipped extension cords. All attachments and tools utilized should be non-conductive. All cleaning chemicals used to clean floor surfaces should be non-ammoniated and rated safe for use in data center environments on high pressure laminate floor tiles. Chemicals used on equipment surfaces should be anti-static.